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warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Jun 17, 2016    OMI is up and running normally   

OMI has been up and running nominally since Tuesday June 14 2016. The L1B and L2 data quality is the same as before the anomaly. Therefore, OMI data from June 14 onward will be made available. The first orbit after the anomaly, for which data will become available, is 63372.

OMI Instrument Operations Team

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Jun 28, 2016    Access to GES DISC data will require all users to be registered with the Earthdata Login system   

Starting August 1st, 2016, access to GES DISC data will require all users to be registered with the Earthdata Login system. Data will continue to be free of charge and accessible via HTTP. Access to data via anonymous FTP will no longer be available after October 3rd, 2016. Detailed instructions on how to register and receive authorization to access GES DISC data are provided here.

A test area to exercise the registration process, data access via HTTP/OPeNDAP, command line and applications is set for HTTP and OPeNDAP. All GES DISC data users are encouraged to register with the Earthdata Login system and test their data access via HTTP/OPeNDAP and scripts using this test area. User credentials for the Earthdata Login system will remain the same once user registration is enabled.


IMERG Late Run two-day precipitation accumulation for June 6-7, 2016. During this period, Tropical Storm Colin crossed Florida and dumped up to 20 cm of rain over certain areas.
Jun 29, 2016 TMPA and IMERG Precipitation Data in netCDF-4

The GES DISC releases TMPA and IMERG data sets in netCDF-4

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